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The Hell Beings – Wind Your Neck (2022)

 Nicole Mendes  0 CommentsPunkPunk Rock

Influenced by the Rolling Stones, David Bowie, Sex Pistols, AC/DC and Motorhead, it is no wonder that UK-based The Hell Beings have a reputation for energetic, mind-blowing music. While the trio only has a few releases to their name, their music is making waves on an international level with features on The Pentatonic, Turn Up That Volume, Rock Era Magazine and various playlists. The latest addition to their critically acclaimed repertoire is ‘Wind Your Neck’.


From their devilish debut track ‘Skallywag’ (read our review here) to the pulse-racing ‘Fungicidal Tendencies’, The Hell Beings showcase their upbeat, in your face sound and they aren’t stopping with ‘Wind Your Neck’. Recorded with producer James Gasson at UK studio Third Circle Recordings, ‘Wind Your Neck’ is filled with pounding drums, powerful guitars and brash vocals. What I find intriguing about this single and all of The Hell Beings’ music is how each element is given dominance but still comes together as a united whole in the melodic arrangement.

As a punk-rock track, but with tinges of melodic metal, ‘Wind Your Neck’ slides into your ears banging its little sonic hammer all the time. While the drums and guitars certainly have a role in creating this headbanging single, I believe the brusque vocals add that little something to the track. In the style of the Sex Pistols and the Ramones, The Hell Beings bring distortion to the song in the “shouting effect” of the vocal execution; however, as with the instrumentation, there is a melodic flow to each part of this song. This is something I always find fascinating with punk music – the way things are all over the place but seem to fit nicely in their little punk box.

Easily one of the more vibrant tunes to hit my virtual desk this year, ‘Wind Your Neck’ is a tribute to the punk-rock gods of the 70s and 80s but with a contemporary edge. Reverberating down your spine and leaving you with tingles of delight, The Hell Beings are taking us on an acid trip but without the acid with their music.

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