“Skallywag” by The Hell Beings


Junk punks THE HELL BEINGS, probably the loudest band of the classic Mods vs Teddy Boys clash city Brighton are back with a new hammer blow titled SKALLYWAG‎was to be read. To call it new would certainly be wrong, the titulation new discovery would hit it better, with “Skallywag” THE HELL BEINGS venture out on the rough seas, despite all conventions everything that stands in the way is thrown off board to make a good ride, staccato-like drums sound like whipping in and are almost ready to demand more, the sound of the guitar lies somewhere between Motörhead meets Nirvana and duels a bit with the drums, with both together inciting the vocals and giving it a perfect performance. ‎Skallywag by Hell Beings that’s brutal hard-hitting sound, brutal straight forward, brutal catchy or three men riding on a storm.