The Hell Beings: Unveils the furious single “Skallywag”. The punk-garageros of The Hell Beings , attack with another firecracker full of fury, despite the melodic intercessions that permeate the single. “Skallywag” , as the genre’s primer says , is short, direct and biting. The message is incisive and furious , and draws from the fountain of some bands of the late eighties, despite the sonorous personality .The “junkie-punks” as they define themselves, have in their formation Sal North (guitar and vocals), Manraj Ghale (bass) and Moldy Dianas (drums), and introspect the power of noise in their harsh musicality , using the primacy of “flow of conscience, minor editing and usually the first riff that comes to mind”, as a conceptual motto! Despite the incensed influences of Bad Brains and AC/DC, the identity of The Hell Beings is something primordial to stand out, as we notice the angry trademark of the Bard of Brighton in every song that is released. In fact, always surrounded by controversial and curious reports , such as the active participation of a ghost during the recordings and about the references that permeate and contribute to the members’ creative idealist : “integrity, simplicity, bob dylan lyrically and anything musically guttural”.

Available below, all the aggressiveness of the single Skallywag