The English trio Hell Beings returns to present a perfect example of how the grunge group should sound in the contemporary scene, with the single “Skallywag”. Although this particular composition was born last year, the band is spreading on the platforms this year. The rebirth of grunge is currently a big thing in the underground music scene, and Hell Beings is a relatively new band that bets on this style that blends the noise rock, garage rock and grunge of the 90s with more modern tones. And that’s what we can check out in the song “Skallywag”, inspired by bands such as Soundgarden, Screaming Trees, Tool, Kyuss and The Cult – incidentally, the vocals on “Skallywag” resemble Ian Astbury’s timbre. Despite the influences, Hell Beings doesn’t sound like any of these bands, but rather created a unique noise, as well as DIY style.…/the-hell-beings…/