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*The Hell Beings – the skallywag junk files
Joining the track skallywag which was released last month in the skallywag junk files is prison made a man of her. Grunge and Rock have a furtive alleyway dalliance and crawling out of the icky ooze is this. Headbanging riffs and the best rock vocals heard in a while. Powerful and soulful. We are firmly in The Hell Beings fan-club here at Plugged In Brighton having covered them in our zine days and seen them live prior to that. They are purveyors of the kind of rock that makes you want to start a fight then ride around on a chopper afterwards flicking the vee. This two-tracker is called junk files but the subtitle should be great rock yeah!
The skallywag junk files is available on Bandcamphttps://thehellbeings.bandcamp.com/

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